Accusation – Meaning of Dream


If the accusation in a dream was deserved, the dream hints to confess about inappropriate action in the past, as it will soon be known by many people and the situation may only get worse, and you may justly become a recipient of rank “unworthy person”.

If you realize that any accusations in a dream are not entirely deserved, the dream may indicate that the recent actions are not so terrible and there is no reason for worries and mental agony. There will be no disaster if your secrets become known to others.

If you accused someone of wrongdoing, it forebodes long lasting troubles that are likely to be associated with education. Perhaps at work you will have a new boss and you will have grudge match.

Being accused of undeserved act, soon you will deliberately take part in spreading gossip. But, if the accusations are directed towards another person – soon there will be some serious conflicts with own subordinates, because of what the self-esteem will be affected.

If somebody accused you, it is a sign of serious mess; if you accused someone, you will become a happy and famous person.

If you accused your soul mate of low acts, it tells that you will receive bad news in reality. If in reality you are afraid of your secrets being reveled, then most likely you have dreams about unfair accusations.

A dream about accusation states that one shouldn’t be afraid of difficulties, because sooner or later it is necessary to deal with own problems independently. A new management will cause your sympathy, because he/she is the same human as you are.

If in a dream you didn’t manage to prove your innocence, then in real life you will soon face the similar situation. But if you are courageous enough to tell the truth, then the matter will be successfully completed. In this context an innocent person can suffer greatly and gain unfair punishment in case one can’t cope with own fear and uncertainty.



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