About Astrology Definition, Elements, and Types


Astrology seems already being a part of most people’s life because there are many people who still believe in horoscopes and zodiac signs. Whenever zodiac is mentioned, it is the most interesting subjects for many people because not all of humans would have a belief in astrology. It becomes an interesting topic as people would like to talk about their own sign and know further about their personality, their past, present and future life, and other aspects of their life, such as their career and relationship with people they love. It is better to have some knowledge about what astrology along with other terms, reasons why we still believe in them, as well as several types of zodiac signs

Astrology zodiac signs will help people to have a deeper understanding about what kinds of characteristics and personalities that they actually have. Not only about traits, people can also find about their nature, practical side of relationship with others, love story, and about money and career. Astrology will also help people to have knowledge about what zodiac signs that will be compatible with theirs, like all about the zodiac sign dates, zodiac sign compatibility, and zodiac sign astrology. There are twelve zodiacs and every sign has its own special side, no matter it is weakness or strength; every zodiac sign will present its own attitude, desires, and specific features towards people and life.

Astrology is actually based on the planets’ position at the birth moment or sky’s images analysis’ basis and through one of them people can actually read themselves and others about fears, flaws, tastes, and qualities. When people already know the basic qualities that are based on astrology by learning zodiac signs, it becomes easy to know about other people’s characteristics just by knowing their zodiacs or their birth dates. Every zodiac sign is actually under a certain element of zodiac. Learning the four zodiac elements which are consisting water, earth, fire and air will make us understand about certain nature of energy that is represented.

Reasons to Put a Belief on Astrology

Believe it or not, astrology has everything that people want to know about their life. Astrology is the thing that can influence human’s life based on the position of the stars and planets in the sky and about how accurate the astrology is, it will also be determined by the performance of each individual. At times, what astrologers said and predicted might fail because they have wrong interpretations or wrong information related to the date and time of someone’s birth. It is not that they are definitely expert in this thing as transiting planets’ mathematical calculations are the ones they rely on when predicting.

There is no exact answer for why people can trust astrology and even rely on it because the answer will be similar to why people can believe in life’s superstition. However, there are some reasons that can be figured out why astrology is really interesting for most people:

Astrology can answer any questions related to why some things happen to us and astrology is even able to predict things that may happen in the future. That is why, people are feeling helped to understand everything happening around them and even understand the world much better. It is because everything happens for a reason and the word of ‘coincidental’ is not there in the astrology’s dictionary.

Astrology has many things that are desirable to be offered, like assurance and information related to our future life. Astrology seems more genius than that because any issues can even be resolved because astrology is considered as a right way for resolving any concerns. Any relationships with friends, family and partners can even have enhancement that is known to be offered by astrology as well.

Astrology is the place where people can know more about the compatibility; people are glad to know about which relationships are less or more compatible for them. It is simply because our relationships can be improved with other zodiac signs. When the love potential is already known, the right opportunities can be made of use so that a happy life in any relationship can be built.

Astrology is fun for many people and it is simply like that since there are tricks in fortune telling, the interesting signs and zodiac dates. It becomes more fun because what astrology says are mostly correct and with that it is easy to have zodiac signs to be associated to almost all of our life aspects. Natural characteristics, weaknesses and strengths can be revealed by our horoscopes because each individual has its own unique one.

Astrology is often considered as a lifesaver that is realer than anything else because anything happens in the future is revealed no matter it is a good thing or even some obstacles so people can know in advance and everything could hopefully be prevented from happening. Without doing much, astrology is able to save ourselves but whether we want to believe any precautions or advice suggested will be our choice.

Astrology can make people feel relieved, satisfied and happy in life just like some cases in which people tend to be addicted at reading their horoscopes or even rely on astrologers. However, one thing to be clarified here is that not everything predicted by astrologers are accurate based on the horoscope dates, but it is more like a very pleasing knowledge.

Astrology can become someone’s belief because everything revealed by the horoscopes are about ourselves and that is the reason why it is mentioned that the birth chart of ours will be as unique as our fingerprints. Not only personalities that are able to be read by astrology, but everyone’s destiny are already determined by their own horoscopes and signs. Even it can be considered as our life’s blueprint.

Astrology Definitions

Zodiac – this term is actually from Greek. There are 12 groups that people can apparently call as constellations. The name of each of the groups is based on the correlation of zodiac with each constellation’s nature. When we are reminded to our consideration of the universe which acts as a larger world mirroring a smaller world that refers to humankind and vice versa, then we will have some realization that it is not limited on zodiac houses or zodiac sign dates.

Horoscope – This term is actually a combination between instrument for viewing and hour and through the skies the term is formed so that our insight can be improved in order to view our own lives through the hour of our birth and activities of the heavens.

Astrology – This term has a meaning that most people must have known, it is actually the knowledge of the stars in which planets and stars are seen by the professional astrologers as human’s experiences in life forces. The sun plays a role as the stars’ king; the sun is represented by a center inside each human that we may also call it as our essence or our core which becomes our shining part. Our sun sign equals the core and the determination will be based on what time the sun rose upon our birth moment.

Zodiac Elements in Astrology

As mentioned previously, the zodiac signs are grouped into 12 and they are still divided into four elements that are essential for human’s life. Each element has its own qualities and those elements will also be the ones influencing our characteristics and personality traits.

Air (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini)

Air is something that can be considered as a mysterious thing because it is the element that cannot be seen and touched but air is an essential element for every creature on the earth. Air cannot be predicted and it is not a certain thing, which is why people with air element are read as independent people because they love freedom. They may have inadequate emotional depth, but they are known as mental-oriented people who will always think in very advanced.

People with air signs will always be seen friendly because they like communicating with others and building good relationships. Air people are not only friendly, but they are also analytical, communicative, intellectual, but they are actually thinkers. For deep conversations, it is the best to talk to them because they like philosophies. What these people enjoy a lot are good books and social gatherings. They will gladly give some advice to people whom they talk with, but sometimes they can also be superficial.


Aquarius can be considered as the sign of originality and change because they have that power to make some changes in areas. Aquarius-born people are included in the air element because others won’t be able to predict them. They are too erratic, but their mind will always be filled with some concerns, like the mankind’s future and advancing civilization. When it comes to the advanced thinking, Aquarius is number one in this element.


Air element represents Libra sign as something that does not move but there is slow circulation just like the air our body needs in breathing. There are three essential things brought by this sign, balance, life and harmony. It can be identified easily that in Libra’s relationships, there is always balance and this thing is actually important in every relationship. Just like air, Libra is important for the people around them and they are also known to be peaceful.


Indecisiveness is one word that may be able to describe this sign in the air element. Gemini-born people will never be satisfied with what they get because they always look for something new as if they feel incomplete every time. They may keep searching until they find a thing or person that is right and able to complete them. Communication is one thing that is really considered important by the Gemini and that is the reason why they won’t hesitate to know everything and everybody they meet.

Earth (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus)

Earth is more visible and touchable and we can even smell it. People with earth element are known to have a good stability and they are always composed and solid. The things that are good news for people around them are that Earth people won’t easily change and they are dependable. Regular life is identical with them because they find no reasons to dig something new when everything around them is alright.

People with earth signs are really down to earth so they will give others good influence in life. Although they are sometimes emotional, they are known to have realistic quality and have conservative style. What they enjoy the most are material and luxury goods. Being friends with these people are great because these people will always be our side to go through ups and downs together since they are loyal. Besides, their stability and loyalty are also the best qualities.


Capricorn is mentioned to be the purest form of earth because they have powerful status and materialistic possessions symbols. They are unique because they are conservative; they are also too deep and mysterious. The seriousness when it comes to work cannot be avoided and that is why they do not have an easy time to have some pleasure as they focus on their work all the time.


Since the middle of earth representing Virgo sign, it can be read that Virgo-born people are also identical with indecisiveness as they are stuck in the middle. However, they are always stable and helpful so they are reliable enough. Also, their flexibility is good, added with quick observation and analytical skill that make them more adorable in their own way.


Among the three, Taurus is the strongest and has the highest stability. Taurus-born people are wise, nurturing, and reliable because they would like to help people around them to build a solid foundation in their life just like Taurus people do to themselves. They are clingy to things and people surrounding them, but as they are too stable, they are also known to have stubbornness.

Fire (Sagittarius, Leo, Aries)

Fire may seem harmful because it can burn, but fire is good for our life since it is the element that can be used to make us stay warm and that can even be utilized to cook foods. Fire cannot be predicted and it is no doubt that people with fire element can be temperamental; but it is could be beneficial if their temperaments can be managed in a right way. They are passionate people and they may be impulsive at times.

People with fire signs are temperamental and even if they may be in anger quickly, it is easy and quick as well for them to forgive others who make them angry. These people would like to adventure because they have enormous energy; that is the reason why they are known to be dynamic. Fire people will always be considered as an inspiration’s source for other people. They have a strong physique and passion in whatever they do. They tend to be more ready for actions because they are creative and intelligent. The other characteristics that are identified are that these people are idealistic and self-aware.


Sagittarius is considered as the one that is out of reach, but their creativity and idealistic are their strengths. Among the three signs in fire element, Sagittarius is the gentlest one, just like the fire that goes out slowly. As they are idealistic, so the ideals they have are high; they usually use philosophy as well.


As it is in the middle in fire element, the one that is loved the most by Leo-born people is being a center of attention and that is the perfect spot for them to feel like they are the best and their performance will even the maximum one. It is good to have friends or relatives with Leo sign because they are reliable and stable; they are even able to keep others under control due to their radiance and stability.


As mentioned previously, the fire people have temperamental trait and Aries does have this characteristic along with their dynamic side. They are always filled with enthusiasm just like a child that is always excited about everything. They have adventurous soul and that is why they would like to try something new and have interest in everything as long as they can be active. This sign is the purest form in fire element.

Water (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer)

Water may be mysterious and it may also be dark, but they are cool and refreshing. Water people are easier to cope with even if they are the most emotional one if compared to the other elements. They have a high humanity sense and that leads them to understand others better than other elements. Water people will know how to summarize the others’ needs and motives. The best qualities that you may find from water people are helpful, caring, and empathetic even though they are a bit annoying when they are too dramatic and over-sensitive since they are easily hurt.

What they enjoy the most are intimacy and love profound conversations. Besides, they can memorize everything well because their memory is great. It is alright for them to criticize themselves because they are so open. They are also loyal proven by how they will always be there for their loved ones who need supports.


Pisces-born people have no difficulties when it comes to adaptation because they have a higher flexibility so they are able to get along with others very well and quick. They are indeed mystical, but they are encouraging and attractive in their own way. Pisces-born people love spiritual things because its sign itself is the most spiritual when you compare to the other zodiac signs.


Scorpio-born people are intense and they are always full of energy; it is right to compare the trait to a raging river. It seems difficult for them to have self control because when the full energy is not managed well, it won’t be something effective. They are also protective over the ones they love the most.


Cancer-born people are helpful and nurturing as they care about people around them the most. They are known to be genuine. However, Cancer has an aggressive side; this side will definitely appear when they need to defend themselves or people they love. Having friends with Cancer sign will be beneficial for us because they will always concern with us.