A wish fulfillment and a glass of water is a powerful ritual


What is a ritual with a glass of water

There are many rituals to make your wishes come true quickly. They include various techniques for fulfilling wishes, but the most popular is the ritual with a glass of water. This method is not only simple, but also the most effective. The desire is fulfilled in a short time.

When you think about the fulfillment of a desire, you feel that your soul is jubilant, and your mind is happy, you do not feel fear or doubt, you are happy when you imagine the moment of its realization. It is important that the dream is yours and not someone else’s.

So, you know what your deepest desire is, and you are determined to realize it. All you need is patience, and whatever happens next is not your job. Your task is to keep wanting and not give up, the Universe will decide how your desire will come true. When you set a goal, you are standing in front of a double mirror. On the one hand, his material side is you, and on the other, the space of possibilities. The double mirror, the mirror world, responds to your desires by holding them back because the desires of people across the planet cannot be fulfilled at the same time. If you are patient enough, you will see your reflection in the mirror raise a hand in agreement.

Fears get in the way. Get rid of them!

While waiting for the reaction of the mirror world, you experience doubts and fears; these are strong emotions with a negative sign, which are the biggest enemies in the fulfillment of your desire. The fight against them is difficult, the stereotypes are very strong. There is a ritual to allay anxiety: Imagine that you are riding a tram and suddenly hit the brake. Imagine the passengers you are concerned with trying to get inside; close the doors and drive the tram, run away from them …

Another ritual to get rid of anxiety: worry, but not give up, smile, look calm. Gradually, peace will pass into your soul, and you will learn not to worry about nonsense.

When you are worried, the universe will quickly become aware of your anxiety in order to quickly neutralize it. This fulfills your worst anxiety wish. Dream about what you want, not what you don’t want. The mirror world does not like particles NO. You DO NOT want the situation with all your heart, and therefore doom yourself to it. Therefore, it is always more rational to be positive.

It is not recommended to use tap or boiled water, but also water from the store. These types of water have already absorbed a lot of negative energy. It is better to take water from a spring, but if you do not have it, you can use any. Freeze first and then melt the ice. This erases all negative energy from him. 

Fill a glass with water and take a sheet of paper. It is necessary to write down your wishes, because the human mind is anxious and it is difficult to concentrate on one thing, and the written desire allows it to come true. Candles can also be used in rituals, creating a mystical atmosphere. 

How to perform a ritual to fulfill a wish?

Before embarking on a ritual with a glass of water to fulfill one of your desires, you must work on the sacred energy. You need strong energy to be able to charge the liquid positively.

Remember that you can only act on the water with your hands. There are important nerve endings at your fingertips where your energy is concentrated.

The essence of the technique of fulfilling a wish with a glass of water

Write your wish on a piece of paper in affirmative form and place it under a full glass of water. It is important that the thought-form evokes strong emotions in you. You don’t need to write, “I want a lot of money.” Rather, imagine a dream that will come true when you have a lot of money.

Rub your palms together to form a dense ball of energy (if you don’t feel it, just imagine it); place your palms on the cup. Mentally confirm and visualize what you want, run your palms over the glass, continuing to imagine the fulfillment of desire; drink water and go to bed. The ritual is performed in the morning after sleep and in the evening before sleep, because then the brain relaxes and the mind is not occupied with secondary thoughts.

Many people who have tried this technique claim to be very effective. Use this technique to fulfill all your desires. Remember that you must not use the “no” particle in thought form; it must be affirmative.

It should not have abstract and wordy desires. The expression should be specific, concise and focused. If you have multiple goals, perform a separate ritual for each with a glass of water. Today you are working with one goal and another with another.