6 Powerful rituals in the full moon


We know that of all the cosmic entities the moon, is the one that possesses more strength and energy, among all is the strongest, the moon is capable of causing many natural phenomena, even a high tide. For this and many other reasons it is a strong element to strengthen the spells.

The full moon attracts infinities of changes in our lives, so it is necessary to include very specific rituals since without the presence of the moon these rituals would not have any power.

How to make a wish to the full moon?

It is important to know that spells, rituals and spells have existed throughout history, these are used for various reasons among which the personal benefit of the person performing the ritual is highlighted, many spells and rituals are performed in different lunar phases, it is known that each phase helps to obtain something different, in fact it is proven that when we use a cosmic element as powerful as the moon this ritual or spell becomes much more powerful, whenever you make a request, a spell or spell with the moon, remember to treat her with great respect because she is one of the greatest cosmic divinity that exists, as well as you must ask her with a lot of faith and when performing your rituals or spell, do it evoking all your energy towards her, at the end always thanks, that she always fulfills.

Rituals in full moon:

1) Powerful ritual in full moon to attract in love:

Materials and elements necessary for this ritual:

  • 1 silver ring
  • 1 white cloth
  • 1 glass of red wine
  • Full moon.

Steps to perform this ritual:

  1. One full moon night, sit in your garden sitting on your knees and looking towards the full moon.
  2. Make a small hole in the earth, not very deep in front of you.
  3. Wrap the ring in the white handkerchief, and bury it in the hole.
  4. Concentrate and while doing this think about the couple you want for yourself, each thought should be clear and realistic, especially try to evoke all your spiritual energy in those desires.
  5. In the hole already covered with the same earth that you got from it, go throwing the wine that was in the cup.
  6. Pronounce the following spell:

” Blessed true and just mother, I make this offering. I ask you to bless this ring, and bring a company with me. So be it”.

  1. You must leave the ring buried until the next full moon, that’s when you dig it out and put it on forever.

Once your ideal partner is close to you both will feel a strong connection and mutual attraction.

 2) Ritual in a full moon to bless a new relationship:

Materials and elements necessary for this ritual:

  • 1 whole sweet bread of your choice.
  • 1 strawberry jam.
  • Full moon.

Steps to perform this ritual:

  1. Buy sweet bread when the moon is full.
  2. Go out into the garden that same night, and ask the moon to bless the relationship with your partner as well as that bread.
  3. Break a piece of bread for your partner and one for you, spread it with a bit of strawberry jam and both eat each full moon.

It is important not to cut the bread with any cutting object or knife, this cut should be done with the hands only. The bread and jam will not only bless your relationship but also sweeten the relationship with your partner.

3) Ritual of abundance in full moon:

For a long time the moon is a divinity and is associated with women, the moon represents everything female, from fertility, to our menstrual cycle, this in particular is strongly associated with the phases of the moon, these are 13 moons one every 28 days, we know that in each cycle we go through a cleansing and that is when our being is prepared again those 28 days for conception, for rebirth, the moon has a strong connection with our body, as well as with our spiritual energy , for this reason rituals are performed in the full moon .

Materials and elements necessary for this ritual:

  • 1 bowl or glass bowl.
  • 1 glass cup
  • 1 ticket or currency of high denomination.
  • 1 spoon of sugar.
  • some water.
  • 1 metal tray

Steps to perform this ritual:

  1. In the middle of the metal tray, place the high denomination note.
  2. You must put the bowl on the high denomination ticket.
  3. Pour some water into the glass bowl or bowl.
  4. Pour the spoonful of sugar into the glass cup.
  5. Place the glass with sugar inside the bowl and with water. (The bowl should be moderately filled with water so that the cup is not filled with water or does not turn over).
  6. Take the tray to the window of your house or if you prefer in the patio, this should be a place where it is safe, where the full moon illuminates it.
  7. Pronounce the following spell in a low voice:

” Holy full moon, may your energy and light be transmuted and your magnificence reach my economy, may this water be the mirror, and sugar the driving medium for abundance to arrive in all areas of my life, especially in my economy

So be it”

  1. We leave the bowl overnight and just before the sun rises, we remove it.
  2. Take the ticket and keep it in your wallet this will be your charm to attract economic abundance to your life.
  3. Mix the water with the sugar then dig a small hole in the yard or on a plant and pour the water there with the sugar.

4) Ritual to attract money at full moon:

This is another of the best full moon rituals that will help you increase abundance in your economy, this ritual can be done during the first 3 days of the full moon.

Materials and elements necessary for this ritual:

  • 3 coins of high denomination.
  • 3 drops of cinnamon essence.
  • 1 sandalwood incense
  • 1 branch of rue.
  • 1 yellow candle.
  • 1 red ribbon

Steps to perform this ritual:

  1. On a table, place the 3 coins in a triangle shape, that is 1 above and 2 below.
  2. Place the candle in the center of the coins and light it.
  3. light the sandalwood incense.
  4. Put the three drops of oil on your hands and rub them.
  5. Look at the moon and with great faith I gave the following conspiracy:

“Full Moon you enlighten my life, listen to my request and make your enormous power reach my home and magnetize these coins making them multiply by millions every day and fill my portfolio so that there are not missing in my life neither dresses, nor purses, no shoes, no food. “

  1. Take the rue and rub it in your hands, having the aroma of it in your hands again pronouncing looking at the moon the following incantation:

“Full Moon you enlighten my life, listen to my request and make your enormous power reach my home and magnetize these coins making them multiply by millions every day and fill my portfolio so that there are not missing in my life neither dresses, nor purses, no shoes, no food. “

  1. You must let the candle burn completely.
  2. Tie the coins with the red ribbon.
  3. Always carry them in your wallet and each full moon recites the spell again.

5) Full moon ritual to get pregnant:

We know that the moon has incredible powers over women as well as that of fertility, if you have tried everything to conceive and yet you have not been able to perform this powerful ritual and truthful as the moon will help you with that beautiful and healthy baby you so desire to have.

Steps to perform this ritual:

  1. You must go out to your patio on a full moon night at exactly 12:00 a.m.
  2. Slowly and slowly observe everything around you, free your mind of all energy and negative emotion, evokes all your feelings and emotions to that desire to conceive your baby.
  3. Elevate your eyes to the moon, close your eyes and visualize your baby in your arms, mentally kiss him, talk to him, hug him.
  4. Raise your arms to the moon and attract it to your belly.
  5. Close your eyes and feel how your belly becomes an incubator ready to receive the life of a baby.
  6. Caress your belly and make your personal requests to the full moon.
  7. End by thanking the full moon for the help conceived then you must have sex every night until the next full moon.

6) Ritual in full moon so that your wishes come true:

The moon as cosmic divinity is one of the most used elements when asking for wishes, in fact it has become a tradition to look at it and evoke our purest feelings to it, in one way or another we usually feel that we are cared for or heard for her, because almost immediately we are invaded by a total calm and we manage to feel spiritual, mental and emotional peace.

Steps to perform this ritual:

  1. On a full moon night, go to your patio, try to be in a place where you are not interrupted by anything or anyone, considering that you must be facing the full moon.
  2. Clear your mind, soul and heart of negative thoughts or energies, concentrate.
  3. Visualize clearly in your mind, what you most desire or desire.
  4. Pronounce clearly and calmly your desire towards the full moon.
  5. Thank the moon for your wish because these will be promptly fulfilled

If you wish you can perform this ritual every time you need your wishes come true, it is vital to perform each ritual with great faith, keep in mind that the moon is not only a cosmic divinity.

It is important that first of all you know exactly what kind of ritual you want to perform, and above all perform each of them with the greatest possible concentration, respect each of the elements to use, evoking all your energy and faith you will have the results you want.